A last minute job relocation that required a quick sale. 
Angela did an amazing job selling my home in just six days. Her tenacity and attention to detail combined with her professional business background were just what was needed. First, she got my property into selling shape, then worked closely with other agents in marketing it and finally negotiated a great price. One hundred thumbs up for her on this project!



Negotiating to get a great deal for first time buyers.

We were first time buyers in a fierce Toronto market, armed with every penny we had, yet facing the worry that it still wasn’t enough to buy what we want. With such a huge commitment looming, we didn’t want to settle for anything less than (at least the potential for) perfect.

Angela was a God-send. She understood our unique needs within a home, knowing we had a lot of studio equipment to house in a basement, and she helped us so much through the process. She held our hand through the first few viewings, helped us discover really what was important to both of us, and observed our reactions to certain properties. No viewing was wasted. Even when we knew we didn’t like a house, she asked us what we did like about it, and asked us to pinpoint exactly why this one was wrong for us. She kept us level-headed, and reminded us what was important to us, stopping us from elaborating our wish list. She helped us realize what was a need, and what was a luxury. She then encouraged us to move on and keep looking when we were uninspired but getting impatient, and didn’t let us ‘settle’ for anything. We took her advice and held out, and boy, was it worth the wait!

The perfect property came on and off the market so quickly that we were the only ones to view it! She worked her magic and managed to negotiate a price UNDER asking, when the house was already on the market for lower than a similar property in the same complex! Unheard of in this market! We couldn’t believe our luck when we saw it, because it didn’t only tick all our ‘needs’ on our wish list, but had some added bonuses too.

Angela was everything you would want your Realtor to be: Personable, patient, understanding, and more than anything else: on our side. She really went the extra mile. She fought hard to get us what we wanted, and as a result, we ended up with a perfect house for us, and the deal of the century! We can’t thank her enough and we are immensely looking forward to moving in, and inviting her over for a glass of wine in our new home.

Diana & Kyle

Selling long time home in High Park to move to smaller retirement community.

Ms. Angela Balan handled the sale of our High Park-area home that closed July 2014.  We had lived there 37 years but had decided to downsize, fully retire and move to Collingwood - all heavy decisions.  We chose Angela after interviewing her and two other agents because we thought her marketing plan and detailed yet empathetic approach best suited our situation. 
Angela, with some help from her firm, did exactly what she represented she would do, coordinated wordings and layouts for impact and accuracy, quarterbacked multiple showings and ultimately dealt with seven parties on a hectic offer night.  Her communication skills and perseverance kept everyone on track and on schedule - from the handyman, painter, cleaner, stager, locksmith, appliance repairman, electrician to us - and ensured that our house was sold for an excellent price.  My wife and I recommend Angela without reservation.



Sold his Brampton townhouse to retire to a detached home in Bracebridge, ON.

Angela was a pleasure to work with.  I had complete faith in her abilities and in her seeing to my every need.  She was very professional – did not waste any time getting to a good market price and then holding very firm with the offers.  By doing this she eliminated the back and forth “dickering” common with less qualified realtors.  Her honestly, frankness, knowledge and people skills are superb.  I would not hesitate in using Angela for any future real estate needs. Trust is a big part of the picture when dealing with one’s largest assets and she is a professional in whom I have complete trust and confidence.


A non-resident, living abroad, who chose to divest a Canadian property.

Thank you, Angela, for all you have done for Anne.  It was reassuring to have the affair in the hands of someone we knew and trusted.


A retired couple sold and moved to a smaller, urban centre in Northern Ontario.

You are without a doubt, very hard working and motivated to do the best for your clients.  We found you went over and above the call of duty, not only with your thought-provoking ideas, but with the physical part of the job as well (i.e., by helping us rip out the carpeting, de-cluttering our porch and making it look so appealing!)… We were also delighted with your kindness when you sent us to a hotel for a one-night-stay on the night before offers.  That was just what the doctor ordered.  That kind of thoughtfulness is what separates you from other real estate agents.

Jac & Helen

A growing family left their beloved condo behind in favour of a home in a good school district.

My husband met Angela at an open house, and was taken by her professionalism and charm.  We were casually beginning to look for a new home and after the initial meeting we set a time to discuss our search and eventual selling of our current home.  We appreciated that she was attentive, and really wanted to get a feel for our wants and needs.  We both work in real estate and were aware of the seemingly impossible Toronto real estate market.  Angela assured us that we would in fact be able to find a home to suit our growing family without having to sacrifice. We searched for a few months before finding "the one" and then took steps to list our home.  Angela came up with a strategic plan to help us prepare our home to sell.  By the time she was finished, it looked better than ever! We were able to sell in a week and coordinate the closing with our new home.  All in all, we couldn't have been happier with the service and advice we received from her.  We have recommended her to friends and family and know that we will keep in touch with her although the "transaction" is complete.  We are thankful we crossed paths with her on that open house day and are thrilled that she represented us on both the sale and buy side.  Thanks, Angela.

Krysta & Aubrey

First-time buyers needed help to clarify their needs and then find the condo of their dreams.

We found Angela to be very professional, knowledgeable, caring and patient.  She was interested in our needs and in what was best for us.  She helped us identify exactly what we were looking for. We were first-time buyers without any knowledge of what we were getting into and Angela gave us pertinent information and helped us avoid the various pitfalls involved in the home buying process. Further, she gave us good advice that kept us from making rash decisions.  She was very patient with us and helped guide us even when we were unsure of what we wanted. She continued to show us options and never gave up on us!

Mariane & Chris

First-time buyers with clear-cut objectives, needed rental income from a basement suite.

Angela is a dedicated real estate professional with excellent communication and negotiation skills. During our home search, she was not only our agent, but also a trusted advisor. Despite a search that lasted several years, she respected our wishes and never pressured us to rush, settle or purchase a home beyond our means. When we finally found the right fit, Angela negotiated a purchase price well below asking and terms that were agreeable to both parties. We highly recommend Angela for anyone buying or selling a home.

Julia & Gil